• Recreational

    Innovative recreational water and floor products that give your event a good image.
    They are easy to assemble and maintain, most of them do not need permanent inflation motors.
    Ideal for: recreation companies, hotels, theme parks, clubs, compensation funds and city halls, among others.

  • Tents

    Pneumatic tents are classified as earthquake-resistant structures.
    They are installed on synthetic pitches without damaging the artificial grass.
    Once inflated, they can be moved around and set up wherever they are needed.
    They can be easily transported in helicopters and airplanes, as they do not have heavy metal structures. They can be inflated manually or with a battery or electric plant.

  • Advertisers

    Inflatables that support creative marketing, advertising and promotional concepts.
    With advertising inflatables you can inform, remind, and persuade, giving the best solution to your communication needs. They can be printed in full color and include logos and images.

  • Accessories

    In this section you will find the necessary for the installation of your products.
    Buy accessories for the installation, maintenance and cleaning of your Rhinodiversion products.
    Additionally, we have our own spare parts and tools for our games, which will make the processes much easier for your company and its operators.

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