Innovative recreational water and floor products that give your event a good image.
They are easy to assemble and maintain, most of them do not need permanent inflation motors.
Ideal for: recreation companies, hotels, theme parks, clubs, compensation funds and city halls, among others.



  • Water games

    These products are easy to install and maintain.
    The designs are thought out for the safety of the users, where adults are the protagonists, and children and young people want to repeat their experience over and over again.

  • Floor games

    We are pioneers in the inflatable market, with more than 20 years of experience.
    These games are among the safest in the world, since they do not have a metal structure.
    They do not require permanent inflation motors, therefore they do not represent a danger for the users.
    They are versatile when it comes to installation, easy to move and adaptable to all types of terrain. In case of rain they are waterproof.

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